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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

As I'm getting back to work at my vintage and interior styling shop I realise anew that I should get rid of excess items in my home and storage, to be able to focus and appreciate the items that I hold dear to my heart and I truly enjoy. No one needs an excess of anything.

So here I am, starting another round of the minimalism game to get rid of all of the noise.



Although I'm really a true fan of Marie Kondo's tidying methods, I also believe that as many of us accumulate so much of everything it can be helpful to throw some additional decluttering against your inventory, just to get or keep going on your journey to an organised life you love. The 30 day minimalism game is very practical, especially for people that enjoy games and competitions, because you'll feel like a winner for throwing away something as small as a toothpick during this process.

You can read all about the process and my first round of the minimalism game this year in my blogpost O R G A N I S E A W A Y |


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