Decluttering In Between Konmari Days

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I'm all the way Konmari this month, decluttering and discarding like crazy. I started off right with the first category of clothing, by konmari-ing my wardrobe and clothes and am very much ready to get going with the books later this week.

Today though, I wanted to share with you the in between organising and decluttering that inevitably comes up in between categories when you are committed to implementing the Konmari method in your life. As I'm not too fast with the large, category decluttering days, which are left for the weekends mostly, all sorts of clutter now come up during the week and in between the Konmari Method days. As this clutter does not belong in the specific category I'm decluttering at the moment, with following the Konmari order of 1. clothing, 2. books, 3. papers, 4. komono and 5. sentimental items, a solution is needed for this collateral clutter that is bound to show up in your life in between the beforementioned Konmari method categories. So if you don't have the time to Konmari your way to a life that sparks joy in one go, here's some advice for using the time in between the big Marie Kondo decluttering days to still contribute to the vision for your home in between.


What to do?

Somehow it feels wrong to just discard of the items that come up, but on the other hand, I'm already noticing I don't want or need the item and now it's just lying there, ready to be thrown out at a later stage. While I wasn't sure right away what would be my best next step, I've thought about it and this is what helps tremendously. During the day, anything that shows up that can be decluttered from your home, collect it in one place in the home. So basically you make another discard/donate-pile. At the end of the day, make a picture of all that is collected and then throw it out, or put it in the donation spot, preferably in the car or near the door, where it is easy to be reminded of what needs to be done. Somehow, by making the decluttering more noticeable in size, it becomes more motivating to keep getting rid of things. Also, because you now have a specific place to put things that can be discarded, you will more easily make the effort to actually get rid of it, instead of just putting it back in the drawer or closet it came from. The third positive effect of this method is, that by 'saying goodbye' by way of making the picture, it's less likely you'll go back to the item and take it out of the 'to go' pile.

Image of things that do not spark joy, found laying around in drawers, bags and cupboards


If it's broken, fix it!

Another one of those in between organising things that give a great feeling is to fix things that are broken, especially when it is concerning things you love or need. So instead of buying a new thermometer (I could definitely have been that kind of person), change the batteries. Instead of getting a new coat, fix the rip at the seam with needle and thread, or even just have it done at the tailor if it's more elaborate or you don't know how. Bring your shoes to the shoemaker and polish them once in a while when you get home. These things don't take a lot of time and are showing we care for our items, so we can enjoy them for longer. This sparks joy, if only by feeling that you made an effort to fix something that was broken and you will care more for the item only because of this reason.


Steps for in between organising

1. Make a collection of items you don't need and that don't spark joy that you come accross

2. Make a photo of you collection at the end of your day

3. Throw the items out or put them in the donate bin

4. If you come accross an item that is broken, but you need or love. Fix it and it will spark joy!

Extra Tip: Read Marie Kondo's books, the lifechanging magic of tidying up and Spark Joy on 'in between days' to get inspired for your upcoming category tidying sessions.



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