Get Rid of 465 Items This Month

Staples, trousers, a hat, application manuals, some pens, a marker, 6 pencils, a flowerpot, mugs and electronic cables. These are the random items that are cluttering up your home and life, without you even noticing it. And here is the article to show you what you can do about it. If you follow this method, this month; you will have gotten rid of 465 items of this random kind of nature, before you even know it.



Join in on the craze that is the minimalist challenge, or #minsgame, developed by the minimalists. The idea is you start the new month with getting rid of 1 item on day one, 2 items on day 2, 3 items on day 3, etcetera. After 30 days you will have gotten rid of 465 things, and you won't even miss them. Not even a tiny bit, I promise!

Many things that left the house after doing this challenge. Some things are great, but still I don't miss them. You can sell, donate, gift or discard. Preferably donate I would say, and pro tip: plan a day ahead of time for going to the donation place on the first of the next month.



When you throw away only one item the first day, the idea is you are still motivated to keep going the second day. And probably you are thinking of so many things already that you can get rid of, which gets you going the third day, the fourth and this motivational spiral stays with you, right up until the end of the month. End when you declutter no less than 31 items at once in the last day of the month, you end the streak with a total of 465 items decluttered!



The challenge explains all the rules necessary, which means there is some room for interpretation. In by book, as long as you can explain to yourself why something counts as one or as 10 items, we're good. For instance there were days when I counted the 5 cardboard boxes that were in the way as one item, but also days were I counted 8 individual pencils as 8 items and there were even days where I counted my empties as decluttered items for this minimalism challenge. As long as it feels good to get rid of it and you feel accomplished you did the task at the end of the day, it's a big, big win! And you will be motivated to go and find new items again the next day, I'm certain of it.

You can decide if this counts as one or 53, as long as the clutter is gone in the end, it's a win!



Think about it, you have your kitchen alone filled with so many items you don't use, but that you never think about either, so they're just staying put and cluttering up your living space, costing you not only the space, but also the time and energy that can be so well used in other places. Also, by realising all the unneccessary items you purchased you might even be motivated to buy less and get out of debt or save a whole bunch! More space is left to focus on what you truly love and use and to me, this is the best end result I could wish for!


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