January Favorites in Organisation and Styling

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

2020 has started and it's theme for me is planning!

My monthly faves in ORGANISATION and STYLING, are on the calendar for today. The topics I want to share my experience in with starting this blog.

Though I really like being organised and decluttered; I love making lists, using planners, decluttering and such. In addition I also really like collecting, especially a lot of decorative items to style my space and life. Loads is thrifted and found at flea markets and in thrift shops all around and some is added with the occasional splurge of shopping. How I deal with these opposing characteristics of my being is what I would like to share with you through this blog. In this initial post I will share some of my favorite things in helping me to organise and style my life for January 2020.


When starting the new year my mind starts to rush. Goals, plans, lists, all of that. Of course it's still winter, so living in the Netherlands, my greenish grey candles are out for some extra cosiness and warmth, and I start planning for the year.

Plans that pop up need a place to go and for that I have mainly used my moleskine planner and notebooks for the past few years. I always buy these for my birthday in December and it gives me that new fresh start of the year every time! (the yellow planner in the image made the year extra fresh) I find their weekly planner layout best currently, but you can check the interior of the planners online to see which layout would suit your current needs. I also always love making little collages and doodles in the monthly layout, which give a nice and colorful overview at the end of the month when kept up properly. I will share one of these overviews on my instagram @celesteelysee later this week.

As you may understand from the above I still prefer jotting things down on paper for brainstorming, journalling and planning. I even started a bullet journal a little over a year ago, trying to combine more of my paper lists, but also to have larger spaces for collaging and doodling, still small enough to not clutter up my space.

For simple grocery lists and todo lists I use the black and white notepad by Studio Stationery, depicted below as well, and a separate notepad of theirs with bullets and a quote 'there's no fun in perfect' is used for my brainstorming ideas of the quarter. These can all easily be transferred to my bullet journal at a later time, should I choose to keep my notes.

The month of January this year also represented a new start for my Etsy shop and sharing my passion for vintage interior items, through as many channels as I can think of, this blogsite being one of them. Be sure to check out the etsy shop, Delicious Domain, to get a feel for my vibe and style on www.etsy.com/shop/DeliciousDomainShop I will also start working on my own website shop again where I will be able to share all of my favorite items for organising and styling delicious spaces, both vintage finds and currently made treasures.

There are so many things to take care of in creating content and I have a lot of information that I want to share. I hope this blog arrives at the right places and I can assist in people's journey to make their spaces both organised and styled deliciously, so you can create a Delicious Domain for yourself as well! Please subscribe to my blog to both follow my journey and tell me about yours in the comments as well!



1. dining candles (HEMA, netherlands) or loads of other places!

2. planner (Moleskine)

3. notebook, dotted (Moleskine)

4. notepads (studio stationery)

5. deliciousdomainshop (Etsy)

6. porcelain and ceramics (vintage) will always be a fave!

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