March Favorites for Staying at Home

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I've been hesitant to write this past month, so we've already started the next one before I could post. With work becoming part of my household and a baby running around all day, I've been too tired and busy to post a blog earlier. But I realize now, during the third week of this uninvited challenge, that writing and sharing my experiences will help me, and hopefully others as well, to keep motivated to do the things we love to do.

These months have developed to be strange ones. People around the world are staying home as much as possible and practising social distancing. Keeping to your own space gives time to reflect and to focus on what is important in life, but it also leaves us prone to boredom and/or negative vibes. For this months favorites blogpost I wanted to focus on some of the positive items and activities that are possible to enjoy from the comfort of your own home and can help us through these days, weeks and months.

1. Porlex Coffee Grinder!

Coffee, often taken for granted when I'm at work, though I enjoy it there too. At home however, there is an entire ritual involved which makes it that much more special. We still get our coffee from our favorite Coffee Roaster here in Rotterdam, Evermore. Just more of it! And now that we are at home all the time we decided this would be the perfect time to buy our Porlex Coffee Grinder, the tall version, which gives us 2 cups each and is still very portable to take on holiday when we're going to go camping once that is an option again. We have also now been able to take the time to teach our little one to help us make the coffee, which makes him part of the ritual and makes it extra special. He does all but actually grind the beans and pour the hot water, but hey, he's only 1. If anybody knows a toy coffee grinder, please let me know, this is a 'gat in de markt'. a.k.a.: gap in the market, one of those few phrases that sound better in Dutch. (59 euro)

2. YouTube Premium

Music without interruption during worktime and video's full of inspiration to watch on the couch in the evening and on the weekend. I already had this premium subscription, but now I can notice the difference that much more and know why this is worth the cost for me. Following my favorite vloggers and seeing how they cope with the situation of self quarantine and staying at home and uninterupted background sounds while taking a walk outside. (11,99 USD a month)

3. Bulletjournal

My bulletjournal is more used than ever, organising my notes and thoughts and making small collages to get the creative juices flowing on these days self-quarantaining at home is perfect to pass the time at home in a positive way.

(o euro, if you have a notebook and a pen lying around)

4. Puzzles

They make a hot mess of whatever you use as your puzzling surface, but during these puzzling times, making a decent one is distracting enough not to think about all that is going on for a short while. I just made a 1000 piece one over the weekend and I'm already excited for another one. Working towards some results!

5. Fitbit Activity Tracker

Trying to get those steps in everyday is another way to keep motivated. Also to see how fast it gets that bad. Even though you hardly notice, just walking to the train and walking around at the office makes it a lot easier to get those steps in and I realized soon enough that I really needed to plan an additional walk each day, next to taking a walk with our little guy during the day. Next to that it is also very helpful to track sleeping and sticking to the routines you would normally have.

6. Sushi and Cinetree

We're lucky enough to be able to order in still in the Netherlands, so we don't have to give up on sushi just yet! While watching the documentary 'Jiro dreams of sushi' on Cinetree, we ordered in for a sushi themed evening after the baby went to sleep. I can definitely recommend doing the both and doing them simultaneously. Light some candles while you're at it and of course you also need wine for this!

Writing about these positives, also makes me aware of all I have in this difficult time for the world. I certainly realize not everybody is as lucky. Please take care of yourselves and others where possible. We can do this!

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