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Updated: May 28, 2020

So many options to declutter and organise your home have popped up over the last few years, it's difficult to pick a favorite method and stick to it. But who cares which way you declutter and organise anyway? As long as it happens, it's great for your space and for your mind as well for that matter. Get ready to be inspired by this method I've tried in the past 2 months and implement it in your own life with the tips at the end!


In this weeks blog I'll share my story of doing the 30 day minimalism challenge. Currently I'm all about this great challenge, started by the minimalists. The concept behind this decluttering challenge is to get rid of the amount of items for the date of the month that it is. Starting by decluttering one item on day one, two items on day two, three items on day three, etcetera.

December of last year I kicked off with this challenge and by finishing it on the 30th of the month, I managed to throw away so many items, you wouldn't believe it when you start out. I believe the official amount is 465, but as I wasn't too strict on the numbers, some days I found more things to make up for other days when I was a little short. It was something in the neighborhood of this number for me as well though, which is great!

Images shows the diversity of items that I have decluttered with the 30 day minimalism game

The challenge prompted me to really go looking for things to throw away, decluttering all kinds of things you forgot about, in all different categories. From my wardrobe,to the kitchen, the bathroom, books, papers and forgotten stuff in the hallway closet. Everything was up for debate. It also made it easier to make more of a mental note when I got a receipt at the supermarket and throwing away wrappers, packages and broken items more quickly than when not on the challenge.

That's the thing ofcourse, when you make a conscious decision to do a challenge in decluttering, it gets to be a goal. The snowball effect of getting rid of more and more is also working wonders. In the beginning I did keep to the specific number, which made me excited for the next day as well, as I already thought of more things to declutter beforehand. The final days you get more creative to get the amount of items. As I did use other decluttering methods before and moved house in the past 5 years, I might not have as many items as the average person and I turned to papers and small knickknacks in the later days of the challenge. Even though these items didn't clear up much space, still about 465 items have left my home, without too much trouble.

I got so excited when I finished in December, I wanted to do the challenge again in January, but I stopped halfway when I went on vacation. I did notice I was much more organised and focused on decluttering and clearing up during the vacation as well, this felt great and gave time to focus on relaxing afterwards.

Ever since doing this challenge I am much more aware again of when stuff in my house can be decluttered and every now and then I think about what day of the month it is and declutter the amount of items once more.

Let me know how your journey with the 30 day minimalism game went by subscribing to my blog and leaving a comment below this post. I'm curious to know if you had a similar experience to me!


Some extra 30 day minimalism challenge tips

◊ Find someone to do the challenge with you and motivate each other and have an accountability partner

◊ Don't be too harsh on yourself if you don't always make the number of items for the day, this just means you're well on your way to decluttering your life.

◊ Think out of the box by decluttering apps on your phone and files on your computer.

◊ Get inspired by watching or reading about other people's 30 day minimalism challenge video's and blogs.

◊ Don't be afraid to keep going once the challenge has ended, there are always things left to declutter


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