Quick Bathroom Tidy

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Doing a quick bathroom declutter and tidying session can be an easy win with these few steps. Most bathrooms aren't too big, so it can be a short session. 1-2 hours.

1. Visualize what you would want your bathroom to look like and what would make you happy to have and be able to easily do in it. Write it down or make a drawing, mindmap anything that works for you and keep it at hand. This is part of the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo as well and having your future space in mind clearly will give you the motivation to get to work.


2. Take a look at all items in the bathroom, there's almost always something there that doesn't need to be or is better used or stored somewhere else, a.k.a not in your vision from step 1. Get it out right away!

3. See if you have any double items and have /find a place for the spare items that is not constantly in sight, so you are not distracted by them on a daily basis. This can be in te bathroom or in a separate storage room. I always try to have no more than 1 or 2 spare items of my daily used products and have a separate container in de lower drawer for these items.

4. Discard items you don't use or that are no longer working for you for any reason or gift items you don't use at all and are just waiting to be touched.

5. Take everything out of the cabinets and the bathroom and clean the whole room, or at least the inside of the cabinets if your short on time.

6. See if you have any boxes or dividers at hand to help store your items per category or morning/evening routine and in a visually pleasing way to you.

7. Make a picture to remember how good this felt and compare to your vision to see if you have overlooked anything or need something else to add to the room.

You're done!

P.s. this guide should help you out in any room, try it!

P.s.2 if you try it, let me know on instagram by tagging me @celeste.elysee in your story or post with #bathroomtidy. I would love to see your results!



Finishing touches

Highlight an item you love and display it in your bathroom. You are actually there quite often, probably at least twice a day! Plants or trays are definitely items that can be showcased and enjoyed here. Or give yourself permission to buy an item you love for this space if you have no joyful items that fit.

Some ideas to style your bathroom and bathroom cabinets with:


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