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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

So you have read my blogpost about the Tidy Ten? And now you're wondering what to tidy?

Here are a few ideas on things that you most definitely will be able to tidy up a bit every day!

Y O U R  B E D

Especially when you choose your Tidy Ten Minutes to be in the morning, making your bed is what can jumpstart your mini tidying routine. If you have your Tidy Ten integrated in your daily routine at a later time, and you somehow haven't made your bed, this will definitely be a must to do right away!

C L O T H E S 

Pick up those clothes you left out on the floor or over that chair last night or this morning and put them in the wash or fold them to use another time. Don't have any clothes that are left out and about? You might have a load of washing that needs folding? You'll be surprised how much you can get done in 10 minutes and also, especially when you use the Konmari Method of folding and storing upright, how much joy it will spark!

K I T C H E N 

Clear them counters and do those dishes or load/unload the dishwasher. A few minutes and lots can be done, more so if you set the timer to keep you focused on the task at hand.

D I N I N G  R O O M  T A B L E

If you are not one of those households that gather clutter on your dining room table, good for you, but most of us have a tendency to stack things on there during the day. Especially now that many people are working from home, this is a catchall for all kinds of stuff. Make it part of your Tidy Ten to return everything to it's rightful home and give the surface a quick swipe.


Did a quick hair and make up this morning or a nightly routine the day before where you forgot to put back your products? Easily solved by putting these back in the cupboards quickly, maybe give the mirror a wipe and move on to the next piece of business.

T O Y S 

Oh, those toys, they're everywhere and can easily give a cluttered feel to a room. Luckily they can just as easily be tidied or at least organized and put together. Don't stress too much if your children are still playing and mess it up again, just tidy when you can with this one, a.k.a. when they sleep.

Hope this will help you all out with some ideas for what you can do now to work to a more organised life!

Hope this will help you all out with some ideas for what you can do now to work to a more organised life!

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